You could own a share in a racehorse with a top trainer for a low ONE-OFF cost, with no further commitment.

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Welcome to Elite Syndicates

Purchasing a racehorse is usually very expensive, as are the training fees, vet fees, entry fees etc. Therefore, by joining Elite Syndicates, you are able to share all of these costs with others. You can be a real owner, for a fraction of the usual cost.

When you buy a share, you will own a small part of the horse and you will join him or her on a fascinating and interesting journey. Our level of communication is one of the best in the syndicate industry, with regular updates and the occasional video production.

All horses in training owned by Elite Syndicate shareholders will race in the famous black and white silks of Elite Racing Club, as these horses are also part of Elite Racing Club.

    Benefits of ownership include:

  • Regular updates, including weekly reports from the trainer.
  • Free stable visits to your horse's yard. Experience a day you will never forget.
  • Video updates which may include race reports, future plans, stable visit updates and more.
  • A share of the prize money.
  • Free email and text message service.
Great Gift Idea

Great Gift Idea

We can either post the welcome pack to the purchaser, or directly to the recipient.

Racehorse Welfare

Racehorse welfare is our top priority. If a horse has a setback in training or is deemed not to be fit enough to race for any reason, then the horse will rest until fit and ready. We are extremely passionate about the welfare of all of our horses, and will always ensure that any horse retired from Elite Syndicates is given a loving home, when they retire from racing. Read more about welfare.

There are NO monthly costs and there will be NO other requests for payment for the syndicate period